Healthy Eating

Packed Lunches /Healthy Eating

If your child is staying past 12 o’clock they will need to bring a packed lunch. At Rainbow we are keen to encourage healthy eating. Please include healthy options and no items such as chocolate bars, sweets and fizzy drinks should be included. Please do not give too many choices as we are limited to the amount of time we have for the children to eat, 4/5 options is advisable.

All lunch boxes must include an ice block in order for it to be kept cool throughout the morning.

Packed Lunch Reminders

  • For storage reasons please use the packed lunch box provided or one of similar shape and size.
  • An ice pack must be used each time you bring a packed lunch ( we will provide the first one )
  • For hygiene reasons please do not bring any lunch bags.
  • We will provide a drink for your child at lunch time.
  • Any cutlery your child may need will be provided
  • Any food that has not been eaten (unopened) will be left in lunch boxes so that you can see what your child has eaten.
  • All lunch boxes must be taken home at the end of the day.


The Ultimate Children’s Lunch Box

 1.       Use wholemeal bread, rolls and pitta bread for sandwiches. Alternate sandwiches with pasta or a rice salad.

2.       Use less butter, spread or Mayo in sandwiches and choose low-fat fillings like turkey, chicken, tuna or egg.

3.       Add two portions of fruit - try grapes, fruit salad, melon, berries, boxes of raisins or cans of fruit juice.

4.       Include cherry tomatoes, carrot and pepper sticks, and add lettuce, tomato or cucumber to sandwiches.

5.       Replace cakes, biscuits and chocolate with wholemeal scones, fruit bread or low-sugar cereal bars. 

6.       Provide water, unsweetened fruit juice or semi skimmed milk rather than fizzy or juice drinks.

7.      Don’t add salt to anything. Ham, cheese and processed meats contain enough salt as they are.


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